Principal Desk

Education is being an important for social change with a view to provide an excellent human formation in English medium, the School was founded by Shri A.Srinivasan.

The aim of the school is ‘Arise and Shine’. Accordingly the students are expected to enrich themselves with an all round development in order to serve the society to be the light of the world. The school urges the students to the socially aware and contribute their best to build a more equal and just society in India.

With this in mind, the school aims at the integral formation of the young people. It means moulding the children into responsible and value based citizens with holistic personality development which involves intellectual, emotional and social.

To achieve this, the school has the following objectives. Academic excellence, technical competence, value formation. These objectives and goals will be achieved through excellent academic formation training in spoken English, Creativity, various club activities, seminars, retreats and workshops.

Taking into account the progressive socio-physiological condition to the young, the school has different emphasis of the following stages.

Joyful learning
Primary School
Language skills
Middle School
Creative skills
High school & Higher Secondary School
Academic excellence with A social thrust