• Students who are coming from an approximate radius of 10 km to the school only are given the transport facility by the school from the academic year 2023 – 24.
  • Students shall pay the transport fee on or before the date mentioned in this Student’s Diary to avail of the school transport facility, from the academic year 2023 – 24.
  • Students who avail of the school transport facility shall not involve in any kind of act or behavior that may harm or hurt any other student or staff of the school. Otherwise, the transport facility will be withdrawn by the school. In no case, the transport fee will be refunded or reimbursed or transferred, or adjusted.
  • Students shall travel in the school van sitting in the seat fixed and allotted by the school. Students shall never take other seats than the allotted one, throughout the year.
  • Students shall not indulge in any kind of act like tearing the seat or seat cover, running / dancing/jumping/climbing in the bus during the travel. If proven guilty of this, the student shall be expelled or terminated from the school.
  • Students shall completely obey the guideline of the driver and conductor of the school bus they travel in.
  • Any issue in the school bus shall be brought to the notice of the Vice Principal or Principal immediately.
  • Parents shall be available or make their own arrangements to drop in and pick up their wards at the respective boarding points or vantage points fixed and allotted by the school.
  • Parents shall cooperate with the school with regard to the arrival of the school buses at the time of pick up and drop off if the buses come late because of any natural disturbances.
  • Parents and students shall neither directly deal with the drivers and conductors for whatsoever reason nor gift nor pay them in any way for any reason. The school is not responsible for any issue arising from breaching of this rule.

Bus Routes

Bus No:166 (Morning 07.30 am trip) Bus No :31 (Morning 07.30 am trip)
S.noStop Name S.noStop Name
1. Naranamangalam 1. Elambalur
2. Naranamangalam pirivu 2. Selvanathapuram
3. Vijayagopalapuram3. M.G.R. Nagar
4. Siruvachur4. Krishna Nagar
5. Vilamuthur road5. R.M.K. Nagar
6. Nochiyam6. Bharathithasan Nagar
7. Selliyampalaiyam7. Diana Nagar
8. Pudhu Naduvalur 8. Muthu Nagar
9. Mettur9. Parai Street
10. Aranarai10. Elambalur Road
Bus No : 32 (Morning 07.30 am trip) 11. A.V.R. Nagar
1. Perali 12. Raja Theatre
2. Perali Police Quarters13. Jayam Super Market
3. 4 Road 14. Ram Theatre
4. Trichy Road 15. Raja Nagar
5. Theeran Nagar16. Panimalar Nagar
6. Aswin Pirivu 17. Vadakkumadavi Road
7. Thuraimangalam 18. Roja Nagar
8. Library Stop Main19. Amman Nagar
9. Deppo 20. Royal Nagar
10. Dhanalakshmi Hotel21. N.S.K. Nagar
11. Golden Gates 22. Asian Nagar
12. Krishna Theatre23. 007 Studio
13. Sangu PettaiBus No:12 (Morning 08.30 am trip)
Bus No: 164 (Morning 07.30 am trip) 1. Chettikulam
1. Ammapalayam2. Bommanappadi
2. Ladapuram3. Chathiramanai
3. Melapuliyur4. Velur
4. K. Pudhur5. Keelakanavai
5. Kurumbalur Sivan Kovil 6. Thambiran patti
6. Palayam7. Renganathapuram
7. Senjeri Main RoadBus No:46 (Morning 08.30 am trip)
Bus No: 43 (Morning 08.30 am trip) 1. Mettur
1. Melapuliyur 2. Pudhu Naduvalur
2. Navalur 3. Selliyampalayam
3. K. Pudhur 4. Nochiyam
4. Thirupeyar 5. Aranarai
5. Alambadi 6. Aranarai Pirivu
6. ChokkanadhapuramBus No:161 (Morning 08.30 am trip)
7. Senjeri Byepass 1. Alambadi Road
8. N.S.M. Super Market 2. New colony
9. Swamy Theatre 3. Anbu Nagar
Bus No: 154 (Morning 08.30 am trip)Bus No:147 (Morning 08.30 am trip)
1. Naranamangalam 1. Perali
2. Naranamangalam pirivu2. Perali Police quarters
3. Vijayagopalapuram3. 4 Road
4. Siruvachur4. Theeran Nagar
5. Vilamuthur road5. Aswin Pirivu
6. Vilamuthur 6. Thuraimangalam
7. Nochiyam7. Library Stop Main
8. Aranarai8. Deppo
9. Aranarai Pirivu9. Dhanalakshmi Hotel
Bus No:125 (Morning 08.30 am trip) 10. Golden Gates
1. Valikandapuram 11. Krishna Theatre
2. Thanneer PandhalBus No:170 (Morning 08.30 am trip)
3. Sengunam Pirivu Road1. Elambalur
4. Sengunam2. Selvanathapuram
5. Arumadal3. M.G.R. Nagar
6. Arumadal Pirivu Road4. Krishna Nagar
7. 4 Road5. R.M.K. Nagar
8. New Bus Stand 6. Bharathithasan Nagar
Bus No: 154 (Morning 08.30 am trip)7. Diana Nagar
1. Esanai Petrol bunk8. Muthu Nagar
2. Esanai9. Parai Street
3. Kattumariyamman Kovil10. Elambalur Road
4. Somandapudhur Pirivu Road11. A.V.R. Nagar
5. Malaipathai Pirivu Road12. Raja Theatre
6. Koneripalayam13. Jayam Super Market
7. Maragatham School Main Road14. Ram Theatre
8. Signal (Old Bus Stand) Bus No:32(Morning 08.30 am 2nd trip)
9. Sangupettai1. Raja Nagar
Bus No:161 (Morning 08.30 am trip)2. Panimalr School
1. M.G.R. Nagar3. Vadakkumadhavi Road
2. Muthukrishna Mahal4. Roja Nagar
3. Keethukadai5. Amman Nagar
4. Aranarai Road (opposite)6. Royal Nagar
5. Aranarai Road (Interior)7. N.S.K. Nagar
6. A.V.R. Nagar8. Asian Nagar
7. Sivaraj Pattarai9. 007 Studio
8. Swamy Theatre Bus No:169 (Morning 08.30 am trip)
Bus No:154 (Morning 08.30 am 2nd trip)1. Ammapalayam
1. Senjeri Old School2. Ladapuram
2. Senjeri Main Road3. Eachampatti
3. Tamilvali palli4. Kurumbalur
5. Palayam
6. Senjeri Main Road

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