Withdrawals / Termination / Expulsion

  • Parents / Guardians, who apply for a Transfer Certificate (TC) for their wards, shall submit a written application for the same, to the Principal / Vice Principal.
  • Parents / Guardians shall wait for a few days for the issuance of the TC.
  • Parents / Guardians shall pay Rs. 100 towards the processing charge to get their ward’s TC.
  • If a parent / the parents / a guardian apply for the TC of their ward, they shall apply for the same on or before the 12th of January every year.
  • TC will be issued in a week’s period from the date the application is filed for the same.
  • TC will not be issued from our school if the student has not submitted the TC from the previous school studied if admitted from the other schools.
  • If the parent/parents/guardian apply for TC for their ward after the commencement of the new academic year, the entire fee for the whole year should be paid to the school whatever may be the case. Otherwise, TC will not be issued.
  • Students shall be expelled or terminated from the school on disciplinary grounds if they have breached any of the regulations and rules framed by the school from time to time, without prior notice to the parent/parents/guardians.
  • Any kind of misbehavior disturbances interruptions or breach of any of the rules and regulations of the school by the parent/parents/guardian shall lead to the immediate expulsion of the student from the school without any prior notice.
  • Any behavior or act of a student/students that are dangerous and immoral in the view of the society which directly or indirectly mars the name of the school, shall lead to the expulsion or termination of the student/students or any other measures against them.

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